Arthur Wholesale Corsets Kar Talks Business, Style & Hints at New Clothing Brand

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Arthur Wholesale Corsets Kar Talks Business, Style & Hints at New Clothing Brand

PreviousNextMysterious sexy lingerie supplier Parisian car salesman Arthur Kar recently opened up about his business L’Art de L’Automobile and his forthcoming clothing line.

Beginning with his first job at Porsche and leading Wholesale Sexy Underwear up to today, when the 33-year-old runs his company out of a nondescript garage in Paris filled with rare cars, the interview also touches on Kar’s style ethos and love for restaurant merchandise.

Cars are your personal vehicle for self-expression?AK: Exactly, and it’s why I have created my new clothing line. I’m not trying to be different or become a fashion designer, but all the things I love about cars, the colors and the logos etc., I want these things to merge. This is my way of marrying the two. I need to make the clothing line because I truly believe culture and cars can and should be combined.

What is your style ethos?AK: Everything simple and fun. It’s the same ethos for my life. As much as I love cars, I don’t spend all my time obsessing over them, otherwise I’d never have known who Michael Jordan is, or The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas! So I don’t take too much time thinking about wearing fashion, but I might jokingly or subconsciously match my mood to my car for the day. I love when my old white Vans go with my old white car and everything feels vintage. It’s also nice to wear the brand new Yeezys when you have brand new tires on your car. My favorite merch is restaurant logo t-shirts. If the food is good, and the restaurant takes their logo and puts it on a t-shirt, chances are the t-shirt is going to be good too. Everywhere I go with my girlfriend or my friends, if the food is worthy, we try to get a t-shirt of the spot.

Your individual style seems very much about supporting your friends and inspiring originality. How does fashion fit into the mix for you?AK: Whether it’s Fashion Week or not, I try to spend time at stores and the fashion studios of my friends and to find the best pieces from my favorite collections, because all of these brands bring me my culture. I’ve found many artists, artistic methods, and designers through time spent appreciating and understanding fashion. Fashion as a craft inspires me to want to evolve the world of cars in an expressive sense. Car culture can be creative too, like fashion.

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